Income tax on salaries of Myanmar nationals working abroad must be paid in foreign currency from October

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Myanmar workers going to work in Thailand.

The Union Tax Law 2023 has been amended recently to state that income tax on the salaries of Myanmar workers in foreign countries must be paid in foreign currency starting October.
Section 22 of the Union Tax Law 2023 was amended and enacted so that, without subtracting the tax exemption under Section 6 and Section 6-a, a ten per cent tax shall be levied over the total foreign exchange obtained abroad, except for the salaries of the citizens residing in foreign countries.
In addition, subsection (b) has been added to Section 22 of the Law to state that the lesser amount of tax out of two ways in foreign exchange shall be levied over the total foreign exchange salaries of citizens residing abroad, regardless of what is provided in the income tax rules. According to the amendment, Myanmar workers in foreign countries who earn an annual salary between K2 million and K10 million must pay 5 per cent of their salaries to the government as tax, and those who earn more than K10 million must pay 10 per cent.
In addition, a 15 per cent tax will be levied on those who earn between K30 million and K50 million, 20 per cent for those earning between K50 million and K70 million, and those with an annual salary above K70 million will have to pay up to 25 per cent of their salaries.
According to the statement, the Union Tax Law 2023, which has been amended, will be effective from 1 October until 31 March 2024. — TWA/CT

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