Inwa honours King Thadoe Minpya: Statue to receive full roundabout decoration, landscaping

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Inwa Thatoe Minphya statue, located between the Oo Ti and Yway Taw Yu gates in front of the drum-shaped city wall, and its surroundings.

A complete roundabout and landscaping with green trees will be developed near the King Thadoe Minpya statue which is an honour to Inwa, said author and archaeologist Bo Shate (Yatnapura).
The image is located between the Oo Ti and Yway Taw Yu gates in front of the drum-shaped city wall where the kings came in and went out in ancient times and the construction of the statue was initiated and organized by the Sitagu Sayadaw.
“There are three layers of terraces to mark three eras of Inwa: King Thadoe Mintaya era, Nyaungyan era and Hsinphyushin King Myaydu era. The King Thadoe Mintaya bronze statue lies on top of these three terraces. The statue faces east. The lions represent four eras. There are four lions above and below — the first Inwa era lion, the second Inwa era lion of Nyaungyan, the third Inwa era lion of Hsinphyushin King Myaydu, and the fourth Inwa era lion of King Bagyidaw (King Sagaing) or Amarapura era lion,” he said.
The land plot around the statue has been officially bought from the owners in order to make a roundabout, but the construction hasn’t been completed yet.
“The roundabout of 100 ft in circumference hasn’t been completed. Only an passage at the north-east corner can accommodate a single car. A few days ago, I posted online that I wanted to plant trees, complete the roundabout construction and lay a gravel-filled road, and a rich friend of mine offered to sponsor for it. So, locals, village administrator and I are planning to survey the area, put up posts for the roundabout, make a drivable road around it after filling it with gravels, and plant trees. We have submitted this plan to the Department of Archaeology,” he said.
Since the surrounding area around the King Thadoe Minpya statue appears to be a barren field despite its popularity among people for pre-wedding documentaries, photo shoots and its valuable cultural heritage, they will have to make this plan and after planting trees, the continued growth of the trees through activities such as watering and weeding will be taken care of in cooperation with the residents, he added. — MT/ZN/ED

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