Kunlong Bridge project on Hsenwi-Kunlong-Chinshwehaw Road completed by 25%

The construction of the China-aided Kunlong Bridge in northern Shan State is now 25 per cent complete, according to the Ministry of Construction.
The bridge project is being implemented on Hsenwi-Kunlong-Chinshwehaw road (49/6 milepost) in Kunlong Township of Lashio District at the cost of 137.00 million yuan of Chinese funds. The old suspension bridge was constructed in 1964 by Chinese engineers and now has a weight restriction of up to only 25 tonnes for ageing. Therefore, the new bridge is being constructed, according to the Deputy Director of Bridge Task Force (4).
The new 286-metre-long Kunlong bridge is constructed by the Chinese engineers and workers of China Yunnan Sunny Road & Bridge Company Ltd under the supervision of the Ministry of Construction.
The 6-span Box Girder type bridge is 12 metres in width, and the approach road is 3.54 kilometres long on the Kunlong side and 435 metres long on the Hsenwi side. It has a load capacity of 75 tonnes. The operation of bored pile drilling will be conducted in coming January.
“About 2,000 lorries from China pass the Chinshwehaw border camps daily and it causes huge traffic jams and delays in trading of Kunlong township. Then, the second-largest trade camp is Chinshwehaw after Muse camp.
The old Kunlong bridge is over 50 years old and China makes an offer that they will assist a new bridge near the downstream of the old one. And now, the new bridge is being constructed under the bilateral agreement.

Once completed, there would be a major trade route to Myanmar via Chinshwehaw border trade camp,” said the Deputy Director.
The Lashio-Hsenwi-Kunlong-Chinshwehaw road section will be the main trade route between China and Myanmar and it can improve bilateral trade.
The new bridge project was implemented as of 10 December 2019 and slated for completion on 10 December 2022, according to the ministry. — Pwint Thitsar/GNLM

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