Malicious media alleges security forces use 50 Thandwe residents as human shields

Photo 1 sskm
The screenshot validates misinformation.

There were severe clashes between AA terrorists and security forces in Thandwe Township of Rakhine State, and the malicious media intentionally circulated false information, claiming that the security forces detained nearly 50 locals as human shields in Shwehlay and Yaykauk villages on 28 April.
According to a security official, the news regarding the arrest of villagers near the clash areas as human shields is invalid, and AA terrorists attacked the security forces using heavy weapons from the villages using residents as human shields.
AA terrorists launched attacks to threaten locals in Rakhine State using heavy weapons and drones to deteriorate the governance mechanism. They just spread false information to mislead the people over the security members. — MNA/KTZH

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