MDY to grow over 560,000 acres of monsoon paddy

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Farmers start growing the paddy in June and have grown over 410,000 acres of monsoon paddy till today.

Over 560,000 acres of monsoon paddy are targeted to grow in some townships of the Mandalay region and the cultivation of paddy are underway to grow, said U Nanda Htut Tin, the head of Mandalay Region Agriculture Department.
The department targeted to grow a total of 566,391 acres of monsoon paddy in 26 townships in seven districts. Farmers start growing the paddy in June and have grown over 410,000 acres of monsoon paddy till today. The remaining acres are still being cultivated, it is learnt.
“Farmers mainly grow five verities of monsoon paddy. The most cultivated species are Manawthukha and Ayeyamin. Farmers grows Hsinthuka, Shwethweyin and Shwema. The monsoon paddies are started growing in June. Last year, about 79.59 per acres of paddy were harvested,” he added.
Farmers have cultivated 57 acres of monsoon paddy in Mandalay Township, 9,224 acres in Amarapura township and 22,302 acres in Patheingyi township of Mandalay region, 46,683 acres in Madaya township, 22,073 acres in Singu township, 7,474 acres in PyinOoLwin township, 3,403 acres in Mogok township, 4,676 acres in Thabeikkyin township and 3,260 acres in Tagaung of PyinOoLwin district, 52,799 acres in Kyaukse township, 29,156 acres in Singaing township, 61,287 acres in Myittha township and 12,401 acres in TadaU township of Kyaukse district, 3,249 acres in Meiktila township, 1,883 acres in Mahlaing township, 6,964 acres in Thazi township and 27,109 acres in Wundwin township of Meiktila district, 2,865 acres in Myingyan township, 2,284 acres in Taungtha township, 8,234 acres in Natogyi township and 3,703 acres in Ngazun township of Myingyan district, 1,887 acres in NyaungU township, 10 acres in Ngathayout township and 10,648 acres in Kyaukpadaung township of NyaungU district and, 46,302 acres in Yamethin township and 26,273 acres in Pyawbwe township of Yamethin district.
In the 2020-21 financial year of the Mandalay region, the department targeted to grow over 110,000 acres of summer paddy. But the department cultivated 83,665 acres of paddy and yielded 102.04. Mandalay region can be able to grow over 600,000 acres of paddy. — Min Htet Aung (Mdy Sub-Printing House)/GNLM

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