‘Mingalaba’ EV taxi stand to serve in PyinOoLwin

The ‘Mingalaba’ EV taxi stand will be reportedly inaugurated in PyinOoLwin, Mandalay Region, to offer commuter services along the PyinOoLwin-Mandalay-Mandalay

Airport route. The stand will be operated by Power-27 Business Group Co Ltd and will commence operations with an initial fleet of 15 vehicles.
In alignment with the city’s unique characteristics, the new BYD E-2 (2023) electric vehicles will be systematically deployed to provide residents and visitors from all over the country with comfortable and affordable travel throughout the journey.
The taxi fares will be as follows: K10,000 per passenger for a one-way trip between PyinOoLwin and Mandalay, and vice versa, while it will be K55,000 for a charter from PyinOoLwin to Mandalay Airport and K25,000 for a charter from Mandalay-to-Mandalay Airport.
An official from the Mingalaba EV taxi stand has provided contact phone numbers for enquiries regarding trips: For the PyinOoLwin stand, you can call 09 445002004, 09 942222346, and 09 942222347, and for the Mandalay stand, you can reach them at 09 445002005, 09 942222348, and 09 942222349.
To celebrate the opening of the “Mingalaba” EV taxi stand, passengers travelling one-way between PyinOoLwin and Mandalay can enjoy a free return trip between 1 and 31 October 2023. — TWA/CT

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