Misinformation: Political prisoners die after inadequate medical treatment

Mizzima News on the Myanmar Facebook page falsely spread the news on 7 February that Ma Yin Moe, a political prisoner from Obo Prison, Mandalay, did not receive enough medical treatment in the prison and died of kidney disease on 4 February. She was initially sent to the hospital, but the hospital did not receive her, and she was sent back to prison.
Regarding the matter, the truth is that the prisoner Ma Yin Moe was treated in the prison hospital from 1 to 10 July 2023 due to heart disease, hypertension, anaemia and emphysema. Through this, she was transferred to Myingyan District Public Hospital for treatment on 10 July, and the doctors of Myinghan Public Hospital noted that she should be transferred to Mandalay General Hospital for treatment, and she was allowed to be discharged from the hospital on 21 July.
Further, she was transferred from Myingyan Prison to Mandalay Prison on 8 August for further medical treatment. She attended Mandalay Hospital five times and was treated according to the instructions of the senior physicians.
She died of kidney failure and urinary incontinence on 4 February while being hospitalized, said an official from Obo Prison in Mandalay.
Ma Yin Moe, an inmate from Obo Prison in Mandalay, is serving a prison sentence for the crimes of aiding and abetting by pouring gasoline on tyres on a public road and aiding and abetting.
Under the prison law, prisoners who need health care are given health care at the relevant prison hospital and, if necessary, are transferred to public hospitals outside the country for treatment. The report on Mizzima News on the Myanmar Facebook page is a false fabrication to mislead the public. — MNA/KZL

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