Misinformation surrounding closure of Pyinsi market in Bago

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Misinformation spread by DVB, a malicious news media, alleges that the Pyinsi market in Bago, Bago Region, was abolished as of 21 January. This false information is circulating on social networks.
An administrative official from Bago Region stated, “A new Pyinsi market has already been constructed, but some vendors have not relocated. Due to the sale of goods on the roadside and the construction of illegal settlements, the original 100-ft-wide road is now only 30 feet wide. Furthermore, the road connects the west and the east detours. The existence of the illegal market damages the city’s aesthetic appeal, poses risks to public health, and causes traffic congestion. Therefore, measures are being implemented to restore the road to its original width.
Malicious news media exploit social networking sites to spread misinformation, disrupting the peace and tranquillity of towns and villages and instilling fear among the people. — MNA/KZW

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