MoALI discusses establishment of fish processing economic zones

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The MoALI Union minister and deputy minister join the online coordination meeting on fish processing economic zones yesterday.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation held the coordination meeting on the establishment of Fish Processing Economic Zones on the border to develop fisheries in Myanmar.
The meeting was attended by Union Minister U Tin Htut Oo, Deputy Minister Dr Aung Gyi, officials from the administration councils of Taninthayi Region, Ayeyawady Region, Kayin State, Mon State, Rakhine State, the Director-General for the Fishery Department and officials from the region/state fishery departments, Myanmar Fisheries Federation and Taninthayi Region Fisheries Federation.
At the meeting, Union Minister U Tin Htut Oo said fisheries also play an essential role in implementing the country’s economic recovery affected by the COVID-19 crisis. He said his ministry is coordinating to develop fish processing economic zones, which create employment opportunities for local people and produce high-value fishery products for domestic and foreign markets, emphasizing the development of fishery products not only for export but also for export for consumer safety to ensure domestic consumption.
Myanmar will strive to transform itself from a seafood exporter to a high-value producer. In order to overcome the difficulties encountered in carrying out these activities, large-scale industrial zones based on agriculture and livestock have been set up in the regions and divisions. He said his ministry is drawing up the necessary plans for the establishment of states.
Myanmar’s fisheries sector includes 3,200 offshore fishing vessels, 19,192 Inshore fishing vessels and 260 fishing vessels that are operating in coastal areas and with about 500,000 acres of fish/shrimp ponds in regions and states and 124 factories, it is a source of foreign income not only for domestic consumption but also for annual export.
The Myanmar Fisheries Federation (MFF) and local fisheries associations and The Department of Fisheries cooperate to solve the difficulties in cross-border exports in the COVID-19 crisis.
The meeting aimed to turn the fishery business from buyer market to seller market during unforeseen disasters such as the COVID-19 in Taninthayi Region and to implement the establishment of a fish processing zone as soon as possible to ensure the export of the processed products from the export of frozen fish raw materials and to guarantee the income and employment of the citizens. — MNA

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