MoALI Union Minister addresses 4th assembly of Myanmar national committee on large dams


The fourth General Assembly of the Myanmar National Committee on Large Dams was held yesterday morning in Yangon.
Union Minister for Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation U Tin Htut Oo, Deputy Minister for Electric Power Dr Aung Zeya and members of the National Committee on Myanmar Large Dams, executive committee members attended the ceremony.
At the ceremony, Union Minister U Tin Htut Oo, a member of the Panel of Patrons of the National Committee on Large Dams, said that Myanmar has more freshwater resources than any other countries in the world. Over 250 million acre-feet of water in the Ayeyawady River, over 114 million acre-feet of water in the Chindwin River, about 66 million acre-feet in the Sittoung River, and over 200 million acre-feet in the Thanlwin River flow annually, and over 870 million acre-feet of freshwater flow in the country annually.
The net irrigated area of the net cultivated area is 34 per cent in Thailand, 49 per cent in Viet Nam, 27 per cent in Laos and 39 per cent in India, while Myanmar accounts for just over 20 per cent of the irrigated area of the net cultivated area. Although there are many freshwater resources, there is less irrigated area compared to neighbouring countries and there is still a great need to identify and use existing water resources for irrigation, he said.
He also added the need to ensure the safe and long-term use of the existing dams, which are designed to use the precious freshwater resources in an environmentally friendly manner; the access to hydropower and agricultural benefits. It is also necessary for the Committee to identify plans for the benefit of future generations by studying the construction and use of dams in the region, he continued.
The Union Minister also called for increased cooperation with the international community, including the International Commission on Large Dams- ICOLD, on the expansion of research on climate change, the impact of unforeseen natural disasters on dams, and the transfer of technology to the next generation of professionals.
Afterwards, the Chairman of the Myanmar National Committee on Large Dams gave a speech. The Secretary of the Committee read the report of the Executive Committee and sought the approval of the Assembly.
The Myanmar National Committee on Large Dams (MNCOLD) was established in Myanmar to discuss issues related to the safety, stability, and impact of the dams which are already built, under construction, and to be built in Myanmar on the natural, economic and social environment, and a wide range of scientific and technological and investment issues. — MNA

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