MoC issues mandatory rules for EVs importation and showrooms

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The photo shows an electric vehicle charging in Guangdong Province in South China on 27 October 2022. Photo: Xinhua

The Ministry of Commerce released a directive stating the rules for the importation of battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and showrooms.
During the pilot project, the importing companies of EVs must register with the Directorate of Investment and Company Administration. They have to submit the sales contract with each EV manufacturer.
The importers must abide by the standards and import quota set by the national-level steering committee on the development of electric vehicles and related business.
The companies also need to pay K50 million at the designated banks and present the bank guarantee. Those showroom operators must present a certificate of non-tax delinquency provided by the Internal Revenues Department and need to add K100 million to a special account of the authorized banks as a guarantee.
Only vehicles with left-hand drive can be imported. The models for private vehicles are set to be one year older than the current year. The showroom operators can import the vehicles in line with the auto import policy issued every year.
Additionally, motorcycle showrooms also need a bank certificate with a K50 million deposit at the authorized bank. The imported motorcycles must be the ones manufactured within two years. The showroom operators will face legal actions under the existing law if they do not adhere to the rules stated in the directive. — TWA/EM

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