MoI DM inspects information facilities in Shan State (South)

Deputy Minister for Information U Ye Tint inspected the Department of Information and Public Relations in Taunggyi and Hopong townships of southern Shan State. At the Loilem District IPRD, he met the district head and staff yesterday.
Next, he met IPRD staff in Mongnai Township. After meeting the district head and staff in Langkho Township, the retransmission station head and staff in Maukmai Township, he inspected the MRTV retransmission station.
During the meeting, the deputy minister pointed out that almost all the southern regions of Shan State are stable and peaceful, so people are happy and able to develop their socioeconomic lives. It is necessary to cooperate with relevant departments in order for students to get benefits in the forthcoming summer holidays, he urged. — MNA/KZW

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