MoI Union Minister inspects factories in Yangon region

Dr Charlie Than sskm
Union Minister for Industry Dr Charlie Than views assembling process of automobiles of Go Excellent (Myanmar) Co., Ltd at Shwelinpan Industrial Zone in Hlinethaya Township.

Union Minister for Industry Dr Charlie Than made inspection tours to factories in Yangon Region on 29 and 30 January.
At the packaging paper mill in Insein Township on 29 January, the Union Minister inspected the process of Star Sanda Company and production process of garment products. Afterwards, he arrived at the Textile and Garment Technology Development Department which will conduct international textile testing, inspection and quality certification issuance under the Joint Venture of the Ministry of Industry and Korea Apparel Testing and Research Institute (KATRI) for the development of the Myanmar textile and garment industrial development. At the department, he inspected the construction of the laboratory building and the availability of testing equipment for the textile, and instructed officials to set up inspection procedures and to train the staff in advance for international standard testing and to create a good working environment.
Afterwards, he inspected the production of masks at No (9) Textile Factory Branch (Insein), production of OKI detergent powder and detergent cream at United Pacific Co., Ltd, and instructed officials to effectively use the land and equipment of the government, to pay attention not to impact the environment, to continuously carry out research and development works to develop the current businesses, and to increase production to meet domestic demand.
Yesterday morning, the Union Minister arrived at Go Excellent (Myanmar) Co., Ltd in Shwelinpan Industrial Zone in Hlinethaya Township and Myanmar Arr Thit Man Motor Co., Ltd at Thadukan industrial zone in Shwepyitha Township, and inspected assembling of automobiles, testing the capacity of auto with the supported equipment, tested driving in a variety of road conditions to ensure the safe use of assembled vehicles for the people and the performance of the vehicles at various speed. He said it is necessary to establish a quality assurance system to produce quality guaranteed products and to provide accreditation to the staff according to their skills. The Union Minister also instructed them to pay attention to the safety of the people, and to strive to develop components and acquire technologies.—MNA

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