Mon Chief Minister inspects construction site of Banyar Dala affordable housing project, multi-purpose stadium 

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Mon State Chief Minister U Zaw Lin Tun inspected the Banyar Dala affordable housing project in Kyar Inn Village of Mawlamyine Township yesterday.
During the visit, the State Chief Minister instructed for completion of project in time, sales of units at fair prices and other measures to ensure fire danger, garbage and drainage systems.
The housing project includes 16 four-storey buildings, with 256 rooms, measuring 650 square feet per room. Every room will have one master bedroom, one bedroom, living room and kitchen. It was implemented by the Department of Urban and Housing Development on Mawlamyine-Mudon road using K5168.11 million of allocated budget in the 2017-2018 and 2018-2019FYs.
Then, the Chief Minister and party inspected the construction site of a multi-purpose stadium (120ftx90ft) built by Sone Yay company limited in the Technological University of Mawlamyine with a K349.5 million budget of 2020-2021FY. — District IPRD

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