MoNREC designates natural area within PutaO Tsp as protected public forest

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation announced on 20 October that an area of 2,000 acres in PutaO Township, Putao District, Kachin State, had been designated as the Juuzi Protected Public Forest. The announcement was made in exercise of the powers conferred by the 2018 Forest Law.
Reserved forests and protected public forests are intended to support agricultural activities by stabilizing and balancing the climate, preserving biodiversity, meeting the basic needs of the residents, such as forest products like firewood and bamboo, ensuring the stability of the ecological system, and preserving water sources and watershed areas, such as rivers, streams, and lakes within the Juuzi Protected Public Forest.
Due to the designation of a protected public forest, the variety of trees growing in the area will be preserved. In addition, we can protect endangered plant species and wild animals and increase the habitats of wild animals, as well as gain benefits such as preserving the watershed areas of the tributaries flowing into Nantahuu Creek and properly managing forest resources. — TWA/CT

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