Mt Zinghmuh to be developed as tourist destination

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An aerial view of Mount Zinghmuh (Nat Ma Taung).

Mount Zinghmuh, the third highest peak in Chin State, located between Haka town and Thantlang town, Falam township in Chin State, will be established as a tourist destination, according to the Directorate of Hotels and Tourism Department in Chin State.

Mt Zinghmuh is as beautiful as the highest mountain in Chin State called Nat Ma Taung (Khonuamthung in the local Chin language). However, it is not a well-known mountain because of low transportation. Now, only the residents can reach those areas. Mt Zinghmuh is attracting more local and foreign visitors. Thus, studies are being carried out to improve the mountain road.

“Mt Zinghmuh is close to Lai Ti Li natural lake. The peak of the mountain overlooks the natural scenic beauty. It can bring benefit to the local people if it is developed as a tourist destination. That is the reason why we are establishing the Lai Ti Li natural lake as a tourist destination. Visitors can go from three cities. It is appropriate to develop these places as tourist destinations, said an official from the Directorate of Hotels and Tourism in Chin State.

Its peak is 8,414 feet above sea level. When the weather is fine, the visitors could view Chin State (North) Sagaing region and Magway region.
The visitors could reach Mt Zinghmuh trough Falam, Haka and Thantlang towns by cars and motorbikes. The government is developing a 19.937-acre national park, covering 7,756 acres in Haka township, over 4,000 acres in Thantlang and over 6,000 acres in Falam township. —Zohayzar/GNLM

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