Mustard, other crops grown on manageable scale using underground water in Minbu Township 

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Local farmers are growing the vegetables using the underground water on manageable scale in Minbu.

The local farmers from Kyauktan village in Minbu (Sagu) Township are growing the vegetables using the underground water. This year, people are growing mustard and other crops on a manageable scale to earn family income, said Daw Mya Kyi, a mustard grower from Kyauktan village.

“This is our family business, and we have been growing them for five years. Only our family members are cultivating them. So, we could save the labour charges. We have spent merely ploughing fees and fertilizer costs. Now, the mustard is yielding profusely and is sold every two or three days. We have grown not only the mustard but also other crops,” she added.

“The cultivation is a manageable scale, and the labourers are hired when ploughing and cultivating. During the harvest season, the family members are working together to save the labour charges. The villages are growing gourd, coriander plant, garden pea, mustard and chilli. So, we are earning the family income from each crop,” said Daw Mya Kyi, a manageable scale grower. — Zayar Htet (Minbu)/GNLM

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