Myanma Railways prepares for arrival of new carriages for Yangon circular trains

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Myanma Railways has announced the arrival of six DEMU (diesel-electric multiple unit) carriages in first batch purchased from Spain in early February.
These carriages, along with RBE carriages, are intended for use on the Yangon circular railway. However, the height of the platforms for circular railway and the ladders of the carriages are not suitable for passengers to embark and disembark easily. Therefore, Myanma Railways plans to raise the platforms at the stations to accommodate both DEMU and RBE carriages, as they are slightly higher than the current platforms for circular trains.
Currently, these carriages are being renovated at the locomotive factory in Insein Township for use of them in the future.
Before these carriages, purchased from abroad, can be used, necessary adjustments must be made to ensure that the wheels of the carriages and the width of the rails align perfectly, allowing the trains to operate smoothly and safely. — TWA/MKKS

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