Myanmar citizens in Chiang Mai need to submit endorsements from local authorities to renew passports

The Consulate-General of Myanmar issued an announcement on 17 April that those arriving in Chiang Mai must submit endorsements from the police stations and ward authorities in their residences in order to renew their visiting passports and educational passports.
In order to renew these two types of passports, letters of recommendation from relevant township police stations and ward authorities, a letter from a gazetted officer, endorsement from both parents, detailing activities while abroad, and school recommendation of being a student are needed.
After having been verified the submitted evidences, it is necessary to continue to submit it to the relevant authorities to obtain approval and the passport needs to be valid for around 6 months.
The Consulate-General of Myanmar also informed them about not making pressured requests to show up when their passports and visas are about to expire.—TWA/KZL

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