Myanmar earns $58.933 mln from rice exports via maritime route


The data from the Ministry of Commerce showed that Myanmar generated US$58.933 million from175,910 tonnes of rice and broken rice exports via the sea route in April 2022.
The country exported more than 26,940 tonnes of rice to Asian countries, 49,720 tonnes to EU countries and 42,600 tonnes to Africa.
Myanmar exports rice to Ivory Coast the most with 10,000 tonnes while 9,000 tonnes to Cameroon, 15,000 tonnes to Angola, 8,500 tonnes to Madagascar, more than 14,300 tonnes to China, 12,200 tonnes to the Philippines, 250 tonnes to Sri Lanka and 180 tonnes to Hong Kong.
It also exported about 8,800 tonnes of rice to Poland, 8,200 tonnes to Lithuania, 8,690 tonnes to Italy, 15,180 tonnes to Spain, 7,750 tonnes to Bulgaria and 700 tonnes to Belgium.
In April 2022, the country earned about $1.410 million from the export of 4,180 tonnes of rice via the Myanmar-China border trade route. It received $42.708 million from the export of more than 123,440 tonnes of rice via sea and border areas in April.
Moreover, it exported more than 50,530 tonnes of broken rice via sea in April 2022 and earned $15.627 million. It exported 18,200 tonnes to China, 30,600 tonnes to Belgium, 1,000 tonnes to Lithuania, 500 tonnes to Poland, 180 tonnes to Singapore and 50 tonnes to Germany. The exports of 1,620 tonnes of broken rice via the Myanmar-China border and 320 tonnes via the Myanmar-Thai border earned $0.598 million.
The country exported more than 119,260 tonnes of rice worth $41.298 million in April 2022. —TWA/GNLM

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