Myanmar Embassy in London announces taxation on Myanmar nationals in Britain, Sweden, Denmark and Ireland

The Embassy of Myanmar in United Kingdom has announced a plan of collecting income tax on Myanmar nationals working in Britain, Sweden, Denmark and Ireland.

Announcement made on 22 November 2023 by the Ministry of Planning and Finance said taxation on total income in foreign currency of Myanmar citizens living abroad would introduce taking effect from 1 October 2023 and it also stated about tax payment rules.

Under Double Taxation Agreement between Myanmar and Britain, Myanmar citizens in Britain don’t need to pay income tax again if they can prove P60 that means they have completed paying tax in Britain, according to the embassy’s announcement.

However, if they can’t prove evidence of completion of tax payment or if their income is lower than taxable income, they must pay 2% of their income as monthly income tax.

Myanmar nationals working in Sweden, Denmark and Ireland shall pay 2%income tax depending on types of their jobs. Income tax for Myanmar expatriates in Sweden is 20000 Swedish Krona for highly-skilled worker, 10000 SEK for skilled worker and 5000 SEK for unskilled worker.

Income tax for Myanmar expatriates in Denmark is 10000 Danish Krone for highly skilled worker, 5000 DEK for skilled worker and 2500 DEK for unskilled worker.

For Myanmar expatriates in Ireland, income tax is 2200 euro for highly-skilled worker, 1100 euro for skilled worker and 550 eurofor unskilled worker.

Highly-skilled worker means company employee, doctor, engineer and professional; skilled worker means nurse, driver, chef, waiter and salesperson and unskilled worker means home support worker and cleaning worker.

Consulate works such as ordinary passport extension, damaged and lost passport, applying new passport and applying Certificate of Identity (C of I ) will be provided only if tax clearance can be submitted.

The Embassy of Myanmar in London will issue tax payment certificate with QR code to tax payers, and as from 1 October 2023, they can pay specified income tax either once in three months or once in six months as they wish, the embassy said.

Further, applicants for ordinary passport extension don’t need to pay tax together at the initial stage of applying but will have topay when they receive approval for extension, it added.


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