Myanmar Press Council must stand on right track without accepting influence of political doctrines: Senior General

Chairman of the State Administration Council Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing delivered an address at the 6/2021 meeting of the Management Committee of the State Administration Council at the meeting hall of the Council Chairman’s Office in Nay Pyi Taw yesterday afternoon.
Speaking on occasion, the Senior General said universities closed for more than one year reopened in line with COVID-19 health guidelines on 5 May due to a less infection rate of COVID-19 than that of neighbouring countries. The country needs educated persons for its development. Experienced teachers need to teach the students. Threats and destructive acts of some persons not to attend the schools are amounting to destroy the country. Political opportunists do not wish increasing number of educated persons in the country and commit naughty acts making troubles to the people. Today’s education subjects are in line with the national education policies by the previous governments. Students, teachers, parents, and administrative bodies should strive for ensuring the smooth learning of students. The council is aiming for the smooth process of academic matters.
It is necessary to have technologies suitable for the present era as now is the information technology age. Moreover, all need to have legal and economic knowledge useful in society. Among various subjects at universities, law and economic subjects are much valuable for the practical fields. As such, arrangements are being made to enable the students to have better knowledge of the law and economic subjects in respective regions and states.
As some 70 per cent of the country’ population residing in rural areas are engaged in agriculture and livestock tasks, it is necessary to enhance agriculture and livestock breeding tasks. They should try to have knowledge about agriculture and livestock techniques to develop these businesses. Hence, the education system will contribute much to the development of the country. The education system must be realized to provide training to them for having the skillfulness in respective subjects to be applied directly. Qualified youths must be settled in the right places.
There are many projects such as State-owned projects, joint venture projects in mutual cooperation with the State and private-owned projects regarding land management. It is necessary to scrutinize some land plots which are not applied for the projects not to cause loss to the State. Relevant departments need to supervise the land users to do their projects in line with the agreements from the contracts. The Senior General stressed the need to avoid the acts of using the farmlands in other ways as much as possible. It is necessary to consider the land policy deeply. As the area of deforestation is larger and larger to cause climate change, it is necessary to prevent deforestation.
The Senior General stressed the need to choose the saplings suitable for the regions during proper nursery period for cultivation to have thriving. All the saplings must be grown to thrive for greening all the forests. Mangrove forests must be conserved and regrown at the beach areas where natural disasters may fall. All should strive for the thriving of trees while supervising the cutting of trees. Firewood plantations must be grown in townships and villages for the use of firewood. It is necessary to implement the solar power generation projects of renewable energy for electrifying the areas without electricity. Enhancement of living standard depends on electrification, which can narrow the gap between the urban and rural areas. So, they should consider the plan for the people to cut their costs in consuming the electricity.
With respect to spending the finance, the Senior General stressed the need to efficiently spend the money on regional development tasks and departmental projects and report back the expenditures. As the closure of factories brings loss to the State, arrangements must be made to reoperate the factories. All the people need to take pride in using necessary quality foodstuffs and personal goods produced at home. It is necessary to protect domestic productions and make arrangements for local producers not to face loss. Encouragement must be given to operating local businesses to succeed, and they have to prudently consider the investment measures.
With regard to the export of goods, the Senior General urged all to seek ways and means for exporting the agricultural and livestock products. Efforts should be made to sufficiently produce fertilizers meeting set standards and neem pesticide with the least content of chemicals, farm machinery and parts at home. Likewise, relevant committees must conduct research on pedigree animals’ production and quality feedstuffs for livestock breeding tasks to develop the local economy.
The Senior General highlighted the sports sector to give encouragements to athletes to raise their qualification. On the other hand, sports grounds and gymnasiums must be maintained, and the training must be conducted to athletes through better techniques. It is necessary to strive to construct modern stadiums, gymnasiums and swimming pools in regions and states. The ministries need to hold sports competitions. Encouragement will be given to improve further the sport’s standard of Myanmar in the coming SEA Games.
In the security sector, riots happened after 3 February. Now, the situations are stable. As some departmental officials who did not participate in the CDM activities imposed threats to service personnel like teachers and health staff, those officials must be exposed to be dismissed from the service term, and severe action must be taken against them. It is necessary to take effective action against those who set fire to and exploded the schools, departmental offices and other buildings under the law. Those rioters and destructionists are destroying the country, and all need to prevent their acts through united strength.
Union Ministers discussed their respective sectors.
Then, the Senior General said that some media one-sidedly express and broadcast the incorrect issues. The Ministry of Information needs to release the necessary laws in coordination with the Office of the Attorney-General of the Union. Fine arts must be for the State but politics and any person. The Myanmar Press Council must stand on the right track without accepting the influence of political doctrines. The national cultural characters must be preserved.
The Senior General stressed the need to arrange the correct prices for agricultural products. The Ministry of Commerce needs to arrange the G to G system for border trade measures. Dryers must be built for crops to produce the finished products. Raw materials must be supplied to factories for persistent running to be able to give a guarantee for agricultural products. As such, the income of the State will not decline, and the State economy will boom.
In the education sector, teachers need to dutifully serve the State duties with responsibilities for teaching students. Deterrent action will be taken against anyone who undermines the administrative machinery of the State. Education staff similar to health staff will be arranged to have assistance depending on the status of their degrees.
Service personnel must be qualified for their degrees. They must attend respective training courses at Central Institutes of Civil Service in Phaungyi and Zeebingyi. These institutes give training to all service personnel to abide by disciplines, and the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health and Sports must continue discussions for reopening of training schools. —MNA v

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