Myanmar rejects and dissociates itself from the draft resolution tabled by the European Union during the 46th session of the Human Rights Council

46 HRC room NS
(L) The 46th session of the Human Rights Council is in progress and Deputy Minister U Kyaw Myo Htut (R) for Foreign Affairs participates in the discussion via a pre-recorded video.

A discussion on the draft resolution entitled “Situation of Human Rights in Myanmar” tabled by the European Union was held during the 46th session of the Human Rights Council on 24 March 2021 in Geneva. U Kyaw Myo Htut, Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, participated in the discussion through a pre-recorded video.
During the submission of the draft resolution, the Deputy Minister underlined the factually and technically flawed facts mentioned in the resolution, the references on the reports which were not supported by credible evidences as well as the elements which could erode the ongoing domestic judicial mechanisms and which could impose a threat and a direct challenge to the sovereignty of the country.
Furthermore, the Deputy Minister stated that Myanmar is consistently against the country-specific resolution which is politicized and unbalanced on a country. He added that the said resolution would not contribute to improving rather worsening the situation on the ground, particularly to the developing and least developed countries. Therefore, the EU’s draft resolution would not surely contribute to finding solutions to overcome the challenges faced in Myanmar, but it would rather impose serious impediments on the efforts for bringing peace, stability, national reconciliation and development of the people of Myanmar. Moreover, he underlined that the sovereign right of a country should not be intruded, rather be respected. In this manner, he stated that Myanmar rejects and dissociates itself from the draft resolution as a whole. China, Venezuela and Russia also dissociated themselves from the resolution. —MNA

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