Myawady border trade crosses $151.543 million in January

Cargo-loaded lorries are seen entering the Myawady trade zone.

The value of trade through the Myawady border post amounted to US$151.543 million in January 2023, the Ministry of Commerce’s statistics indicated.
Trade via the Myawady border met 70.16 per cent of the target last month, with exports worth $48.301 million and imports worth $103.242 million.
The overall trade figures showed a sharp drop of $66.737 million compared to that in the corresponding period last year, with a decrease of $42.015 million in exports and $24.722 million in imports.
The exports in agricultural products, livestock products, fishery products and manufacturing groups declined, while imports showed a decrease of $1.519 million in capital goods, $14.389 million in intermediate goods and $8.814 million in consumer goods.
Nonetheless, the trade value in January 2023 was up by $55.301 million from that of December 2022, with an increase of $11.672 million in exports and $43.638 million in imports.
Exports of agricultural products, forest products, livestock products, minerals, finished industrial goods and other goods rose. Similarly, import growth of capital goods (US$10.005 million), intermediate goods ($16.095 million) and consumer goods (17.538 million) were recorded last month.—TWA/EM

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