New brown slab-sugar enters market at price of K4,000 per viss

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New brown slab-sugar seen in the market.

On 21 October, new brown slab-sugar entered the brokerage houses in Bayintnaung market at a wholesale rate of K4,000 per viss, as reported by Ko Min, a dealer, to the Global New Light of Myanmar (GNLM).
During this month, wholesale slab-sugar is selling for 3,770 kyats per viss, while the jaggery from Yesagyo is priced at K5,500-K5,600 kyats per viss.
New brown slab-sugar arrived at the market this month, with wholesale prices of sugar and jaggery from Yesagyo set at K3,770 and K5,500–K5,600 per viss, respectively. The old brown slab-sugar is priced at K3,100–K3,200 per viss, while jaggery from NyaungU bleached by chemicals is valued at K4,100–K4,200 per viss. NyaungU jaggery mixed with sugar added with chemicals is available at K3,700 per viss, Mahlaing area jaggery at K3,600–K3,700 per viss, and raw jaggery from Pakokku at K3,800–K3,900 per viss.
With the prices of sweet food products such as sugar and jaggery on the rise, new brown slab-sugar is entering the market at high prices. In addition to new brown-slab sugar, peanut brown slab-sugar has also arrived in the market at a price of K2,775 per viss.
Brown slab-sugar from Pyay and Nattalin areas usually enters the Yangon market toward the end of October, while brown slab-sugar from Upper Myanmar makes its way into the Mandalay market by the end of the year.
The surge in the price of a tonne of sugarcane from around K38,000 in 2019 to K120,000 at the close of 2023 has contributed to the increased cost of brown slab-sugar.
Brown slab-sugar is typically a seasonal food. According to a seller of brown-slab sugar on Aung Thapyay Road, bagged brown slab-sugar is used in baking and dairy cattle feed.
The sugar and jaggery market notes that it’s challenging to predict price fluctuations as sugar and new brown slab-sugar enter the sweet products market before year-end, and new jaggery typically enters in the early months of the year. — TWA/CT

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