Notifying Myanmar employees of taking seal at border gates on their return home

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The photo shows Myanmar workers arriving at workplaces in Thailand under the 2022 MoU system.

Myanmar workers who are employed in Thailand under the MoU system will require taking the necessary seals at the relevant border gates between Myanmar and Thailand if they return their home at the end of the contract period, as per a press release issued by the Myanmar embassy to Thailand.
When crossing the Myanmar through the border stations of the two countries, the immigration teams from both countries seal exit/entry marks and conduct rejects on the passports.
Some Myanmar workers who did not re-enter through the border gates or camps will be included on the over-stay list of the Immigration Department in Thailand.
As for these Myanmar workers, when they re-enter Thailand under the MoU system, if they are found as overstaying their residence permit during the inspection by the border gate immigration team of Thailand, they need to pay a fine. Reportedly, they are currently facing entry restrictions.
Hence, MoU workers have been instructed to return to Myanmar through designated border gates/stations after their term expires and to obtain an exit seal from Thailand on their passports. — TWA/KZW

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