Officials inspect illegal power consumption situation in Yangon streets

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Officials check whether the items inside the meter have been prepared for illegal purposes.

According to the Ministry of Electric Power, field inspections are underway by neighbourhood and street to detect instances of illicit electricity consumption.
In the townships overseen by the Eastern District of Yangon Electricity Corporation, the Eastern District Electricity Manager’s Office is conducting supervision and inspections to reduce power loss and ensure no illegal electricity usage or outstanding electricity bills.
Seven project teams, led by the district electrical manager and the district electrical engineer, have been established in South Okkalapa Township. They are conducting field inspections of neighbourhoods and roads from 22 to 24 January to identify illegal power consumption.
Illegal power usage leads to voltage drops, overloading transformers, and poses risks of burns, electrocution, and fire hazards. These incidents cause power outages, resulting in financial losses for the electricity sector and disruptions to the distribution system due to power line and substation failures. The Ministry of Electric Power reports that the State subsidizes about K60 per unit of electricity consumed by the public. In the last financial year (2022-2023), approximately K1,000 billion were spent on subsidies.
National electricity rates are set at K35 per unit and K120 per unit for consumption exceeding 100 units. Locally, one megawatt of electricity can serve a total of 3,500 households. Last year, the average per capita electricity consumption reached about 378 kilowatt-hours. — TWA/KZL

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