Over 3,000 villages completed through Rural Development Project in 2022-2023 FY

A total of 3,143 villages were implemented through the rural development project in the 2022-2023 financial year, the Rural Development Department mentioned.
In accomplishing the rural development project, the duties of the department: the rural economic development project, 174 units of the Myaseinyaung project, community-based projects in six townships, the rural development plan and the cash for work project were executed.
In addition, 14 rural lighting projects, 2,043 rural water supply works, 817/1 miles of rural roads, 1,194 concrete bridges, 77 rural housings, 787 model village establishment projects, a total of 828 training sessions and the oil crop extension work were successfully carried out in 490 villages.
The Rural Development Department has managed to function 3,192/0.69 miles of rural roads and 3,170 rural bridges, for the infrastructure development works, 863 villages with the grid system and 1,027 solar panels as the off-grid system, for the rural lighting projects. The department also provided 449 vocational training courses, educating 8,438 trainees and arranging employment for 971 trainees.—TWA/CT

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