Part 4 of Maravijaya Buddha Image conveyed onto jewelled throne successfully

The Maravijaya Buddha Image is seen after all parts 1, 2, 3 and 4 have been placed on the jewelled throne yesterday.

The Maravijaya Buddha image was carved in Dekkhinathiri Township of Nay Pyi Taw Union Territory with four objectives to show the firm flourishing of Theravada Buddhism of Myanmar to the world, to ensure peace and stability of the State, to develop the region with visits of local and international travellers to the Buddha image and contribute to the development of the State.
The Buddha image combined with parts 1, 2 and 3 weighing 1,700 tonnes was conveyed onto the jewelled throne on 26 January and successfully settled on the jewelled throne on 31 January.
Part 4 of the Buddha image was conveyed onto the jewelled throne at the auspicious ceremony on 11 February. Conveyance processes were being undertaken on the agenda. It was successfully settled on the jewelled throne at 2:43 am on 13 February.
Construction tasks are being carried out for a Sasana Beikman to accommodate 1,200 members of the Sangha and congregation at religious ceremonies and other religious edifices in the Buddha Park. In accord with the guidance of venerable Sayadaws, Pitaka treatises in line with the version adopted by the Sixth Buddhist Synod are being carved on the marble plaques in Pali and Romanized languages with the use of modern machinery in order to keep the stone plaques. The already-carved inscriptions on Tri Pitaka, Atthakatha and Tika treatises were posted in front of the Buddha image. Arrangements are being made for pilgrims to view the Atthakatha and Tika treatises of the Tri Pitaka treatises in the stone inscription chamber. Moreover, a plan is underway to print the Pitaka treatises in Pali and Romanized languages to be distributed to monasteries across the world.
Officials are making efforts for the constructions of the Buddha image and religious buildings the whole day and offering electric lights at night for public obeisance.—MNA/KTZH

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