Passenger plane shot by KNPP members, PDF terrorists while landing at Loikaw Airport

Lwikaw EDMH
The 107mm rocket launching site.

A flight of the Myanmar National Airlines landed at Loikaw Airport at about 8:35 am yesterday.
Meanwhile, a combined team, including KNPP members and PDF terrorists, arrived in the wards and shot it down with 107mm rockets.
The flight carrying 64 passengers left for Loikaw from Yangon and landed at Loikaw Airport.
Then, the group containing KNPP members and PDF terrorists attacked the flight with four 107mm rockets from the cemetery near Bardoe Village in Daw Paw Kale Village-tract in the west of Loikaw Township.
The rockets exploded at about 2,000 metres from the airport and no one was injured. The flight returned to Yangon carrying 38 passengers at about 8:55 am.
The KNPP members and PDF terrorists intentionally committed attacks on people who are not related to military affairs to cause mass casualties. Security forces investigated to arrest the terrorists. — MNA

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