Misinformation: Security forces shot 3 people dead, set houses on fire

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Khit Thit, a malicious news media, is spreading misinformation on social media that joint security forces entered Yatha village, Myingyan township, Mandalay Region, on 8 April, shot three people dead and burned more than 250 houses.
Due to a report from a local citizen who did not want violence, joint security forces were conducting security operations in the area on 8 April. When they reached Yatha village, PDF terrorists started shooting with hand-made guns and exchanged fire, said a security official from Myingyan Township. Afterwards, due to the effective firing of joint security forces, terrorists retreated, ran away and burned the houses along the way. They retreated and fled, so some houses in Yatha village were destroyed by fire, and two terrorists were killed, he continued.
In Myingyan Township, these terrorists forcibly collect money and recruit manpower, arresting and torturing the local people, and the local people, who do not accept the terrorist acts, cooperate with the security forces. However, malicious news media are spreading falsehoods. — MNA/KZL

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