ME in Japan to introduce online reservation for passport extension, consular services

photo 2024 03 05 13 41 57 Myanmar Embassy in Tokyo
Myanmar Embassy in Tokyo, Japan.

An online appointment system will be initiated for passport extension and consular services for Myanmar nationals in Japan, the Myanmar Embassy in Japan announced on 4 March.
Myanmar Embassy in Tokyo works on Myanmar nationals’ welfare and consular services in compliance with rules, regulations, and procedures. Thousands of Myanmar nationals come to request consular services at the embassy monthly, and submissions for passport extension by post are received daily, it said.
The number of people who came to seek consular services at the embassy has, on some days, much exceeded the consulate’s capacity, and it made Myanmar nationals take time to wait for their turn.
Therefore, it will switch to an online appointment system in order to be more efficient for consular services, excluding visa applications as of 1 April (Monday).
Online appointments can be made at or through the QR code. — MT/ZS/ED

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