Polish ASEAN’s image for the emergence of a better community

As the world faces an array of serious global challenges, ASEAN is no exception. The Association must adopt a more forward-looking and cohesive approach to address common traditional and non-traditional issues like natural disasters, emerging infectious diseases, transnational crimes, terrorism, and food and energy security.
Despite initial doubts and challenges during its evolution, ASEAN has now emerged as one of the most successful inter-governmental organizations in the developing world. Member countries have shown unwavering resolve in maintaining peace, and stability and promoting growth, prosperity, and the identity of the region. The Association’s success and longevity are evident in its expansion to ten member nations, with preparations underway to welcome an additional member to the ASEAN family.
Tackling these challenges demands unified regional approaches, all firmly rooted in ASEAN-led mechanisms. The theme for ASEAN’s Chair in 2023, “ASEAN Matters: Epicentrum of Growth,” aptly sets the direction for how ASEAN must prepare itself to face future regional and global challenges while upholding its unity, centrality, and regional strength as a driver of economic growth on the international stage.
To achieve these goals successfully, it is essential to uphold ASEAN’s centrality, unity, and solidarity based on the fundamental principles and norms stipulated in the ASEAN Charter. Furthermore, the Association must stand united against the pressures and challenges of rising geopolitical rivalries. Embracing transparency, inclusivity, and a rules-based regional architecture is crucial to avoiding turbulence that could undermine its centrality and leading roles in ASEAN-led mechanisms.
As a responsible member of the Association, Myanmar has been wholeheartedly cooperating with other ASEAN member states in implementing ASEAN Community Blueprints, regional integration, and community-building efforts. Myanmar consistently fulfils its legal, financial, and functional obligations, actively contributing to the success of ASEAN-China Dialogue Relations and bolstering efforts across all pillars and sectors to build a stronger ASEAN Community.
On the occasion of the 56th anniversary of ASEAN, Myanmar reaffirms its dedication to realizing the purposes and principles enshrined in the ASEAN Charter. The nation also reiterates its commitment to collaborate with other ASEAN member States to support constructive efforts for peace and prosperity in the region.
Together, all ASEAN member states must march towards a common goal of enabling everyone to enjoy the fruits of peace, stability, and prosperity. Since its establishment on 8 August 1967, the Association has exemplified the spirit of solidarity by extending a helping hand to one another in overcoming challenges and crises across all aspects, ultimately building a stronger and more resilient ASEAN Community.

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