Potato prices up by K1,000 in Sagaing Region


The price of potatoes in the Sagaing Region has registered an increase of K1,000 per viss (a viss equals 1.6 kg).
“This year, the price of the potato remains in the bull market and touched a high of K1,500 per viss. It fetched only K500-600 in the previous year. The prices may vary depending on the size,” said a warehouse owner.
The cultivation of potatoes costs K800,000-900,000 per acre and an acre produces about 3,500-4,000 visses.
Sagaing Region Agriculture Department is primarily focusing on the expansion of sowing acreage, pedigree crops and Good Agricultural Practices.
“The number of potato acres are not expanded for now. The potato from Shan State also flows into the region. The potato is stored systematically in the cold storage for the coming growing season,” said U Aung Kyi Win, head of the Sagaing Region Agriculture Department.
The department stated that about 6,800 acres of potato are projected this cold season in Sagaing Region, covering 2,600 acres in Shwebo District, over 700 in Sagaing District, 650 in Katha District, 80 acres in Kalay District, 830 in Tamu District, 730 each in Mawlaik and Hkamti and over 450 in Naga Self-Administered Zone.
Normally, the price of potatoes rises in the monsoon season. This year, potato prices remain in the upward trend.
Additionally, tracking the strict restriction measures to contain the COVID-19, the commodity prices fluctuate in the domestic market.
Last year, flooding the market with a bulk supply of potatoes resulted in a price drop. Nevertheless, this staple food potato is highly demanded this year amid the COVID-19 consequences, causing the price to rise significantly.
There are over 90,000 acres of potato plantations across the country. About 600,000 tonnes are produced yearly. Local potato consumption is estimated at 350,000 tonnes. — Lu Lay, KK/GNLM

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