Preserve long-lasting Russia-Myanmar diplomatic relations

The day ‘18 February 2023’ turned the 75th anniversary of founding the diplomatic relations between Myanmar and the Russian Federation as the Russian Federation is the sixth country Myanmar has been cementing diplomatic relations since 1948.
During the tenure of the State Administration Council, both countries enhance relations with two armed forces of Myanmar and Russia as well as cooperated in trade, science and technology, and other sectors. Thanks to bilateral relations, peoples from both countries can raise their heart-to-heart relations.
Both Russia and Myanmar pledged to continue cooperation with each other as friendship countries and allied countries forever, reflecting reliance on each other in all measures related to international and regional issues. Indeed, Russia and Myanmar, despite separating by oceans and continents have been closely raising relations based on mutual understanding, economic opportunities and taking strategies into consideration for hundreds of years.
Nowadays, some powerful countries interfere in the internal affairs of small countries for various reasons so as to cause deterioration and disintegration in unity with the use of various ways and means. On one hand, they pose pressure and intimidation, bullying and discrimination in small countries based on different concepts.
Especially, it is regrettable that those countries are constantly posing pressure and coercion on geopolitically important Myanmar to shape its situation as they like and to widen its influence, committing criticism, imposing sanctions and interfering in internal affairs.
This being so, Myanmar people thank Russian leaders and citizens for their standing with Myanmar as good friends to overcome challenges based on negative views and attempts of the utter devastation being committed by some big countries.
As such, Myanmar pledges to steadfastly emphasize friendly ties and cooperation with Russia in high regard to boost the interests of both countries as well as to create chances for peoples from both countries to have amicable communications. It is an act of polishing the fine traditions, prestige and integrity of the histories and heritages of both Russia and Myanmar to be brighter in the international community.
Pledges adopted by both Russia and Myanmar such as the exchange of goodwill visits from both government and senior military officers, formation of more Russia-Myanmar associations, cooperation in language and culture, exchange of scholarship students for human resource development, cooperation in humanitarian measures and enhancement of international and regional relations will be fruits of cementing the long-lasting diplomatic relations up to thousands of years.

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