Prices of delta region Pawsan paddies spike in post-Thingyan period

The price of Pawsan paddy from delta regions was up by K90,000 per 100 baskets in the post-Thingyan period compared to that of the pre-Thingyan period. Meanwhile, the prices of other paddy varieties showed an increase of K20,000 per 100 baskets.
Between 14 and 18 April 2023, the price of Pawsan paddy surged to K2.1 million per 100 baskets. Similarly, the prices of other paddies also increased to K1,780,000 from K1,760,000 per 100 baskets for Ayeya Padaytha, K1,750,000 from K1,730,000 for monsoon Moethukha, K1,650,000 from K1,630,000 for summer Moethukha, K1,630,000 from K1,610,000 for Nanka, K1,690,000 from K1,670,000 per summer short-mature paddy (90 days) and K1,550,000 from K1,530,000 for summer paddy grown under the intercropping system.
Tracking the increase in paddy prices, the prices of Pawsan rice from the delta region rose to K80,000 from K70,000 per bag. A price increase this year is six months earlier than usual.
Last mid-November 2022, Pawsan paddy was priced at only K1.6 million per 100 baskets. The price surged to K2.1 million per 100 baskets in late April 2023.
Some market observers pointed out that the prices of low-grade rice are likely to reach around the prices of high-grade Pawsan rice from delta regions. Popular Pawsan from Shwebo areas is expected to inch higher in mid-2023. – TWA/EM

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