Private firm offers free training to revive woodturning art

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Skilled workers producing musical instruments applying woodturning techniques.

To revitalize woodturning, one of Myanmar’s 10 traditional arts, a private firm is offering free on-job training classes.
U Min Min Tun, owner of the Mandalamin Woodturning and Myanmar Musical Instruments Production, emphasized: “The craft is on the brink of extinction both in terms of marketability and the number of professionals. This month, we’ll be launching a paid internship programme, inviting new recruits to join us. It’s crucial to incentivize the preservation of this craft.”
Additionally, the proprietor has a plan to modernize the craft while maintaining its cultural characteristics, so it can be more appealing as a livelihood.
Woodturning finds its primary application in crafting short and long drums, as well as graded drums essential for traditional orchestral drum circles. Moreover, it is instrumental in fashioning handles for bamboo in the bunch-and-bamboo instrumental combo. — ASH/NT

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