Property market on the outskirts of Yangon expected to rise soon

Taikkyi Village
A photo of a village road in Taikkyi, Yangon.

Despite the slowdown, the affordable property market in Hmawbi, Taikkyi and Hlegu in Yangon Region is expected to boom soon, according to the realtors.
The market is sluggish in Hmawbi, Taikkyi and Hlegu, but sales can increase in the next few months, they predicted.

“Although it is slightly bearish now, it can be bullish in the coming months. Because, property sales in Hmawbi, Taikkyi and Hlegu have been good even during the rainy season. So, we predict that their market will increase in the next one or two months,” said a realtor from Hmawbi.

Hmawbi’s property market of urban permit land is divided into zones 1, 2, 3 and 4, and the sales of land in zones 4, 3 and 2 are the best according to the on-ground data.

A 20×60 plot costs K 10 -11 million in zone 3, K 20-25 million in zone 2 and K 50-70 million in zone 1 near the main road, according to the Hmawbi real estate agents.
Thit Taw/ZN

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