Protecting the State and the people not to face events that should not happen means defending the State: Senior General

The Tatmadaw, temporarily taking responsibilities for the State duties according to the law for ensuring the firm path of multiparty democracy the people have chosen, needs to shoulder the assigned tasks conscientiously. When reviewing current situations, it is necessary to maintain all measures which should not be happened for the State, and all should be loyal to the State and the Tatmadaw, said Chairman of the State Administration Council Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing in meeting with Tatmadaw members and their families of Mandalay Station from Central Command yesterday afternoon.
In his address, the Senior General said the State Administration Council was formed to carry out sector-wise development of the country with plans to ensure genuine democracy as well as the disciplined and strong democracy. While the council is implementing the five-point road map, the Union Election Commission prioritizes the issuance of the findings on the voter lists. For the time being, preventive measures of COVID-19 and vaccination tasks are being undertaken.

Efforts are being made to soonest reopen the schools closed in the outbreak of COVID-19. But, unscrupulous persons set fire to and explode the schools and impose coercion to teachers and students not to attend the schools. As arrangements are being made for enabling school-age children across the nation to learn education, destructive acts can be seen as wrongdoings of those with bad mentality.
Public service personnel need to separately keep their duty and obligation and their personal emotions by staying away from party politics. At a time when the health sector of the State especially needs the strength of the health staff, the absence of some health staff in workplaces means breaking the ethics of health staff.
Tatmadaw members must be loyal to themselves, their military units, the Tatmadaw and the State so as to serve the State’s interests. Protecting the State and the people not to face the events that should not happen means defending the State. As peace and development require the political peace and stability and security trend, the Tatmadaw is striving to restore perpetual peace.
The Senior General presented foodstuffs to the commander, while the wife of the Senior General gave a cash award to the wife of the Central Command Commander for the Station Maternal and Child Welfare Association.
The Senior General and party visited the cannon museum, the tomb of King Mindon, the coin casting factory and the Myanan Sankyaw Golden Palace in the ancient heritage area of Mandalay.
DSC 9101 72 scaledThe Senior General instructed officials to systematically erect the signboards at the tomb of King Mindon, maintain the coil casting factory in original style with systematic maintenance, and systematically preserve the buildings the Golden Palace.
Aiming at enabling the people to observe ancient heritage cannons in a single place, the cannon museum in the compound of Myanan Sankyaw Golden Palace was inaugurated on 28 August 2020 in accord with the guidance of the Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services. The museum, built at the cost of more than K350 million, puts 30 cannons and accessories on display. On an opening day, the museum was handed over to the Department of Archaeology and National Museum. — MNA

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