Registered SIM cards need to be properly re-registered

More than two SIM cards and SIM cards whose information is not registered correctly will be closed down.

The Ministry of Transport and Communications announced on 25 September that SIM card sellers must sell to users only after proper registration, and if they sell without proper registration, legal action will be taken under the existing law.
Now, a large number of SIM cards are registered with a single citizenship scrutiny card and resold to others.
The easy purchase and use of sim cards that are not registered with the real user’s name in the market is creating difficulties for the national government to effectively protect public security about the use of mobile phones.
The Ministry of Transport and Communications is making efforts to protect users who are using mobile communication services correctly and to protect users from fraud concerning financial services and e-commerce activities based on mobile communication systems. It is published to assist in the investigation and identification of the perpetrators of such crimes.
The Department of Communications has announced to the public to properly register and use SIM cards to be able to carry out these matters safely and effectively to protect the public’s safety and to be able to easily recover and use SIM cards in case of damage or loss.
SIM card registration has been started since August 2016, and from time to time, the public is being informed to properly register and use it.
New SIM cards registered for more than two cards using citizenship scrutiny cards or Passports issued by applicable law and SIM cards not registered with correct information are being closed. — Htun Htun/KZL

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