Residents welcome security forces in Kanbalu Township

32AMya sskm
Members of the security forces seen being welcomed warmly.

Armed insurgents and PDF terrorists are setting fire to towns/villages and state-owned buildings in certain regions and states. They are also abducting and killing local people who do not support them, accusing them of being criminals (called informants), engaging in extortion, and destroying roads and bridges through explosions.
Military personnel, members of the Myanmar Police Force, and security forces have sacrificed their lives in the fight against armed insurgents and PDF terrorists, aiming to maintain national stability and ensure the people’s ability to live in peace.
On 27 January, the security forces safeguarding the lives and socioeconomic well-being of the people in Kanbalu Township, Sagaing Region, received a warm welcome and encouragement from locals, departmental staff, and monks in Kanbalu. They were greeted with thousands of flowers and drums. The security forces continue to execute Counter-Terrorism Operations in line with the Law of Armed Conflict provisions, based on the Geneva Convention’s four articles and following the Rules of Engagement (ROE). — MNA/TKO

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