Riot leader Wai Moe Naing arrested and taken effective legal action


Wai Moe Naing, former chairman of the Monywa University Students’ Union, was arrested on 15 April in Monywa during a protest in Phonesoe ward. An investigation is underway to take effective legal action against those who colluded with him.
Culprit Wai Moe Naing formed the Monywa People’s Strike Steering Committee with other 12 members, called for an end to the government’s administrative machinery in order to undermine the rule of law and the country’s stability on 6 February. Protests have lasted for 68 days until 15 April in various forms. He was involved in threatening the civil servants to be involved in the Civil Disobedience Movement and social punishment several times.
In addition, he was affiliated with the CRPH, which has been declared as an unlawful association by the government. He led the formation of the Monywa Township People’s Administration Body with nine members, including former constituency No. 1 candidate Daw Amar Kyi, under the directive of Zin Mar Aung and Lwin Ko Latt to whom the police issued an arrest warrant.
It was found that about 150 members formed the Defence Team. Aung Kyaw and Khant Wai Phyo, former members of the Monywa University of Economics Students’ Union, were team leaders to counter security forces and resort to violence on 4 March.
In order to raise fund for the Defence Team, the Monywa People’s Strike Steering Committee page on Facebook collected donations for the defence work. A total of 31 million kyats collected from the donors were managed by May Thant Zin (Treasurer) and Aung Kyaw (Monywa Township Defense Team Leader).
By using collected money, Ko Htoo (a) Ko Aung, a Yangon resident, and Khin Zaw, a resident of Dabayin, reportedly came to Laung Pyae village to teach how to make smoke bombs, homemade bombs, gas guns, and air guns to be used in Monywa.
A total of 40 weapons and 50 bombs were stored at the house of U Kan Swe, located in the back street of Myitta Oo hospital, Phonesoe ward, Monywa Township, and members of the Defence Team used those weapons and bombs in confronting the security forces.
The Defence Team formed by Wai Moe Naing, and led by U Myint Htwe, chairman of unlawful committee Representing Sagaing Region Hluttaw, exploded homemade grenades in the front of the Myanma Economic Bank, Clock Tower, City Hall and Monywa University in order to intimidate the public and mislead the public about the Tatmadaw. In addition, they also tortured and brutally killed two police officers from Monywa Township near the Sarkyin cemetery on 26 March.
Moreover, Wai Moe Naing communicated with U Myint Htwe to form People’s Defence Forces in 30 townships in the Sagaing Region. They would then connect with northern armed groups where five people from every township can attend basic military training to do the fighting and bombing activities. He sent 30 people, including Pyae Phyo Kyaw, a former member of the Monywa Technological University Students’ Union, to KIA and 15 people, including Htin Shar Pyae Hlyan, to KNU Brigade-5 in April in order to provoke an uprising against the current government.
Therefore, a case has been filed against riot leader Wai Moe Naing under Section 25 of the Natural Disaster Law, Sections 114, 302, 325, 342, 395 and 505-A of the Penal Code in February and March in the Monywa Myoma Township Police Station.
According to his confession, plans are underway to take effective action under Sections 17 (1), 124 and 511 of the Penal Code. It is reported that related 23 suspects involved in the riots will be prosecuted and arrested.
(a) Members of Monywa People’s Strike Steering Committee
1. Khant Wai Phyo (former Monywa Economic University Students’ Union, second leader of the Monywa People’s Strike)
2. Than Kyaw Oo (Chairman of the current Monywa University Students’ Union- MUSU)
3. Hein Zaw Win (former MUSU)
4. Nway Oo Ko (former MUSU)
5. U Khin Maung Soe (former Political Prisoners and New Generation Forces)
6. U Soe Win Swe (chairman of the Pro-Democracy Network)
7. U Aung Nay Myo (Committee Representing Civil Societies)
8. Aung Kyaw (former Monywa Economic University Students’ Union)
9. Daw Nu (88 Generation Peace and Open Society)
10. May Thant Zin (Monywa University Students’ Union’s Treasurer)
(b) Members of the Monywa People’s Administration Body
11. Daw Amar Kyi (former Monywa Township Hluttaw Representative of Constituency No (1)
12. Daw Aung Kyi (former Monywa Township Hluttaw Representative of Constituency No (2)
13. U Than Aye (Sayagyi Thakin Kodaw Hmine Peace Congress)
14. U Nyi Pu (Chairman of the Former Political Prisoners Association)
15. U Thaw Tan (Lifelong Social Welfare Association)
16. U Nyunt Aung (2017-2020 former Pyithu Hluttaw Representative of NLD)
17. U Chan Sein (patron of the Monywa Township NLD)
18. Daw Mie Mie Khine (SAT)
(c) Leaders of the Defence Team
19. Khant Wai Phyo (former Monywa Economic University Students’ Union, second leader of the Monywa People’s Strike)
(d) People linked to the local homemade bombs
20. U Myint Htwe (former Hluttaw Representative of Region (2), YeU Township, Sagaing Region)
21. Khin Zaw (former secretary of Monywa Technology University Students’ Union)
22. Ko Htoo (a) Ko Aung (resident in Yangon)
23. U Kan Swe (Monywa, Phonesoe ward)
The public has been informed to report to the nearest military units or police stations where they see them. Those who hide them will be taken effective action according to the law. — MNA

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