SAC member meets Paletwa officials, elders and business associations

State Administration Council Member Dr Hmu Htan, together with Chin State Chief Minister Dr Wong Hsum Htan, the state minister for Security and Border Affairs, directors-general, and state-level departmental officials met the district, and township-level departmental personnel, ward administrators, town elders, business people at the Kimo Hall of Paletwa Township General Administration Department on 12 September.
At the meeting, the SAC member highlighted the main requirement for the peace and stability of the region, concerted efforts of the government to strengthen the genuine and disciplined multiparty democracy system and to build a Union based on the federal system, the importance of Union spirit and friendly co-existence among each other, good potential for agriculture and livestock breeding in Paletwa district and efforts to ensure regional food security.
Then, the Chin State chief minister said that Paletwa district is the most populous district among the six districts of Chin State. It boasts the highest percentage of basic education schools opening in the region and an industrial, agricultural and livestock breeding high school was opened successfully. Knowledge is considered a fundamental asset that allows people to improve their socioeconomic status. Therefore, there should be formal education and alternative education.
The Paletwa District Administration Body acting chairperson and town elders reported on facts about the region and requirements to be fulfilled for the upgrade of Paletwa Township Hospital (100-bed), recruitment of doctors, power line connection to the national grid, sub-power station construction, ferry operation for Kyauktaw-Paletwa on every other day among others.
Then, the SAC member and officials presented gifts to town elders. — Chin State (IPRD)/KTZH

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