Seintalone mango fetches K35,000 per basket in domestic market

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The prices of Seintalone mango variety touch a high of K35,000 per 16-kg basket in the domestic market, said U Kyaw Soe Naing, general secretary of Myanmar Mango Market and Technology Development Association (Mandalay).
The mango started to flow into the market at present. Seintalone mango is priced K30,000-K40,000 per basket depending on the size.
“The prices of mango stand at K35,000 in the market. They’re priced at K40,000 per basket on digital platforms. It is the beginning of mango season and Myanmar people like to give presents to the elders,” said U Kyaw Soe Naing.
Additionally, the strong wind affected the mango yield this year. Low yield is attributed to reduction in the use of input because of high cost and low irrigation supply.
The mango is soon to be harvested abundantly. The mango is conveyed to the China market on a trial run from 27 April, beyond the domestic market.
Myanmar’s mango exports to China are facing a series of challenges such as China’s restriction in some border areas amid the COVID-19, delays related to the COVID-19 containment measure (COVID-19 test for food packaging) and transportation cost. As a result of this, mango farmers are keen on delivering to the domestic market only at the present time, traders stressed.
Of about 200 mango varieties originated in Myanmar, Seintalone, Shwehintha, Padamyar Ngamauk, Yinkwe and Machitsu varieties are primarily grown. Foreign market prefers Seintalone varieties.
Ayeyawady Region possesses the largest mango plantation acres, having about 46,000 acres. Bago Region is the second largest producer with 43,000 acres and Mandalay 29,000 acres. There are over 24,000 acres in Kayin State, over 20,400 acres in Shan State and over 20,000 acres in Sagaing Region, according to the association.—NN/GNLM

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