Seintalone mango sales thrive locally amidst unpredictability of other varieties

photo 2024 03 09 13 39 07
Seintalone mangoes on display at local market.

Although other mango varieties are yet to be predicted, Seintalone mango sales are good in the local fruit market, according to mango growers.
“Currently, the market is good. Good-quality mango price never declines. Myanmar people who enjoy good taste have an appetite only for Seintalone, and they buy it however much it is expensive. But they may choose another if the price is extremely high,” said an official from the Myanmar Mango Producer and Exporter Association.
It is early to predict the seasonal mango market.
“It is a bit early to say. Trees are in bloom, but some fell, so fruit can be produced as much as expected. Some trees are full of flowers but can’t produce much fruit. It seems fruit production may decline. I’m not sure,” said a mango grower.
Of mango export routes, there is no halt in export by air to Singapore and other countries, according to mango exporters.
At present, Seintalone mango is mainly sold for local consumption, and exports are just 35 per cent so far; therefore, exporters have been trying to expand the overseas market. — Thit Taw/ZS/ED

photo 2024 03 09 13 38 58
A seintalone mango farm.



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