Senior General Min Aung Hlaing delivers speech at coordination meeting of State Administration Council

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Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing presided over the coordination meeting of the State Administration Council yesterday morning.

Those present at the meeting were Deputy Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services and Commander-in-Chief (Army) Vice-Senior General Soe Win, and the council members.

At the meeting, Senior General Min Aung Hlaing said that officials who are responsible for the stability of the State, the rule of law, lives and property of the public are handling the ongoing problems with care; the State Administration Council have never deviated from the multiparty democracy path since it took the administrative power and measures are being taken in line with the 2008 State Constitution; the Council does not change politic, administrative, economic, social, peace and international relation policies of the country; the emerging situations have resulted from voter list fraud in the previous elections; the Council is working together with prominent persons from civil societies as it focused on the civilian administrative sector.

He continued to say about legal actions against voter list errors, the systematic holding of elections after the State of Emergency, priority on the livelihood, peace, stability, the rule of law and peace processes and interest of individuals through peace and stability of the country.

The Senior General also talked on the recovery of economy impacted by COVID-19, continuing its vaccination programme, being patient with CDM of civil service personnel, breaching the vows of medical professionals with failure to perform their duties of healthcare services at the public health centres, difficulties of people as they have to get medical services from private clinics and taking legal actions on these cases, issuing permits to the private sector to import COVID-19 vaccine for the public with the approval of Food and Drug Administration.

He also discussed measures related to smooth commodity flows through public transportation of train, car, waterway and flight, and providing security assistance to the banks for ensuring regular currency flow.

The Senior General said security forces are hardly working in their duties in line with international rules; other countries, except the western states, have advised solving the internal problems in line with democratic practices; fraud voter lists are being scrutinized at present and will be announced worldwide; full cooperation of the council members is needed for democratic practices in the countries.

The attendees at the meeting discussed legal actions against the attempts on disturbing the establishment of multiparty democracy in the country, the role of foreign advisors, ensuring true information of media through the Press Council, awards to dutiful civil service personnel, taking legal action against the civil service personnel who breached the rules, generating low-cost hydropower, legal actions against the formation of ‘a parallel government’, security measures at the checkpoints of townships, wards and villages, the resettlement of internally displaced persons from armed conflicts, peacemaking processes, incitement for the lack of stability and security measures and resumption of the public transport sector and the extended plan.

In his concluding remark, the Chairman of the State Administration Council coordinated the discussion of Council members on the issues such as the order of State pardon and remitting prison sentences of the inmates for their peaceful living not to lose their rights in line with democratic practices, false news on this issue, the role of media as the fourth pillar of the country, the need of accurate news and information, and the joint security measures of Tatmadaw personnel, police forces and fire brigade members.—MNA

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