Set aside hatred to prevail over loving-kindness

The current world is full of hatred which triggers social conflicts, armed conflicts, wars and fighting each other among global countries. Whenever the global peoples cannot foster loving-kindness in their souls, the planet Earth will not exist under influence of loving-kindness.
Global history comprises good and bad images of international countries showing the larger part of bad manners with the smaller part of good deeds still assuming their acts right and their talks correct. Although their relevant histories indicate correct wrongdoings with consequences for the people to pack the burdens of conflict-filled problems, it is believable that no one might ease their restrictions in firmly grasping their attitudes and concepts with hatred against all except themselves.
Actually, those global countries clearly know that hatred never benefits anyone in comparison with the reflection of loving-kindness. Assuming that loving-kindness is a tool to build a peaceful and prosperous society, they do not ease their grasp as they seem if they uphold the loving-kindness, they will face interference or bullying from others.
It is a sorrowful idea. Those holding up such an idea cannot build a peaceful and prosperous society in their countries. So also, whenever those countries join the global community, the planet Earth will not face the influence of loving-kindness for benefiting the global peoples. Currently, it is not a minor problem in the world. Leaders of all global countries need to review the appearance of hatred and the lack of chance for spreading loving-kindness across the world.
All global peoples including leaders of international countries are responsible for putting out the fire of anger, conflicts, wars and fighting for the sake of posterity. New generations are hoping for enjoying peaceful and prosperous environments. As it is a primary goal, all global countries and peoples need to march into peaceful and prosperous environments. No one should delay the working process.
Every global people may know a proverb which goes: Time and tide wait for no man. So, nobody should delay to combat the hatred among the global people while striving for the flourishing of loving-kindness. Everybody needs to uphold forgiveness over each other. If so, they all may see the results of their efforts soon.
The lifespan of all global peoples is very short. No one can stretch their lifespan to be longer. Such an act is not in line with relevant religions. But they all need to do the act of fostering loving-kindness in line with the relevant religions.


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