Shape your life and enhance your capacity to build yourselves

All the events in the society are in different scenarios because all the persons are dancing to the tune of fortune while marching to the goal of life inch by inch.
Everybody seems they face tremendous troubles in their lives and their inconvenient measures are the most difficult. In fact, everybody is trying to overcome challenges at different levels. If you seem someone is convenient in their lives, it is sure to be wrong. There is no person who does not face any difficulties. Practically, everybody is complying with life by shaping themselves in the best situation to be able to accept the best convenient nature.
Actually, everybody is doing personal affairs by wearing face masks with a smile even though their actual faces may be filled with tears. Most of the persons may face tragedy but they never show off their pains. They never surrender and they ever try to conquer overall measures despite having troubles more than you. Hence you should not be downhearted for your loss and pain while gazing at others without knowing comprehensive measures of their internal affairs.
In society, those who are mature in overcoming life hindrances never show off their plights on their faces with the aim of debarring bad reflections of their troubles over others. Hence, everybody needs to hold up the concept that they should not talk about their difficulties with others for any reason. Only when they achieve success in their lives should they thumb up for their victories.
You should not be downhearted for all difficulties. Everybody is sure to face the difficulties and challenges of life. It is because only when the persons are alive will they face these challenges. A dead body does not have any reason to face challenges. So, if the persons wish not to face challenges in their lives or if they do not face life challenges, they may be similar to the dead body.
No life is perfect. Likewise, nobody is perfect. But, it is not to be downhearted. As such, everybody needs to build their lives and shape themselves so as to enhance their capacity. If their capacity is higher, they will have the power to harness their lives for defying their fortune.
That is why everybody should not break the enacted rules and disciplines in their lives. They should try to take pride in their successes whenever they overcome challenges without harming others in any way.

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