Solar, relevant components exempt from customs duties

The Ministry of Planning and Finance grants customs tariff exemption, in the exercise of the power conferred by Section 7 (A) of the Tariff Law, according to its notification dated 20 April.
To have energy sufficiency, solar and related components are exempt from customs tariffs.
Solar panels, solar charge controller, solar powered inverter (string, combined battery, dual-use, main), household solar inverter, (roof and on-ground installation), solar energy installation system (installation on water), solar controller and battery are included in this Customs tariff exemption.
The notification is effective from 1 April.
Yangon Electricity Supply Corporation (YESC) announced on 21 April that it was willing to purchase the extra energy from small-scale solar power systems of private enterprises.
The notification stated to sell extra energy back to the utility through the small-scale solar system from shopping centres, hotels, households, factories and workshops in industrial parks and on privately owned plots of land.
If extra energy is linked to Yangon Distribution Grid System, it will be offered K85 for 100 KW to 1 MGW and K80 for 1 MGW to 10 MGW.
Furthermore, technical guidelines and detailed information on the work procedures for the Grid-connected mini-solar system will be further notified, YESC stated. — NN/EM

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