Soonest remove hindrances on the way to perpetual peace

The Kayah State possesses abundant natural beauty and under and aboveground natural resources, with traditional culture and favourable weather. Friendship, hospitality and honesty of local ethnic national people are impressive characteristics of the Kayah State.
Now is an important time for ethnic national people from the Kayah State to cooperate with the government in striving for the restoration of peace and stability in the Kayah State by firmly grasping the existing sound foundations.
As all global countries accommodating more than seven billion population in total are facing food requirements, it is a great chance for Myanmar to meet the food demand of these global countries. If the State economy booms, the country will be prosperous and stable. Hence, all regions and states need to strive for booming the State economy for enabling the whole nation to enjoy prosperity.
Every country suffering from conflicts will face difficulties and crises on their paths to peace processes. Only when all stakeholders of Myanmar keep anticipation to actually seek peace, correct ways and means, willingness to peacefully negotiate, patience and tolerance and steadfast industry will the peace process meet the goal. Moreover, although the peace process is a part of politics, it is not a political tool. Only when an emphasis is placed on nation-building tasks and mainly serving the national interests will it contribute to building the future nation.
Armed attacks become hindrances to the development of relevant societies and regions as well as cause difficulties in education and healthcare services for children. Hence, ethnic national people are to take care of their acts as conflicts which affect the drop of the economy and hiking the poverty rate will bring a heavy heart to the future State.
The entire people need to strive for forging the spirit of national solidarity and the Union spirit by upholding the Our Three Main National Causes for ensuring the perpetuity of the Union. The ethnic people residing in the Kayah State should unitedly participate in building mutual respect, understanding and trust among the ethnic national brethren born in the Union with correct opinions and attitudes.
Now, all states and regions of Myanmar are on the path of the peace process. They all see the goal. So, they need to clear all hindrances on the way to the goal to restore perpetual peace in all regions and states. Only when hindrances on the way are soonest cleared will all entire ethnic people have to enjoy the fruits of perpetual peace earlier.


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